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The Toronto Maple Leafs are entering a new era under coach Craig Berube‘s leadership. One clear thing is that Berube is a different kettle of fish than former Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe. Given what Berube said at the press conference on Tuesday, he will aim to instill a sense of accountability and partnership within the team.

The expectations for team success have only increased after a less-than-stellar performance under the general manager Kyle Dubas and former head coach Keefe era. There will be a shift in coaching style from Keefe being a “player’s coach” to Berube being a coach with a firm approach. The question about Berube is whether his reputation as a “hard-ass” coach brings a different level of success on the ice during the postseason.

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Berube Will “Encourage” Players to Be Accountable

Several changes should occur within the Maple Leafs system. First, as noted, there will be a transition from a “player’s coach” to a more disciplined coaching style. Second, there will be an increased emphasis on accountability and partnership between players and the coaching staff. Third, clearer communication and feedback mechanisms should be implemented to address player performance standards. Finally, all these changes are expected to be engaged while building trust and relationships with players to drive success in the playoffs.

Berube’s coaching philosophy centers around forming partnerships with players. He expects to build connections in the offseason and set clear expectations so players understand their roles and responsibilities within the team. Communication plays a pivotal role, with Berube highlighting the importance of being a great communicator to maintain transparency and rapport with players.

Craig Berube and Auston Matthews, Maple Leafs

As Berube noted yesterday, his strategy for accountability will focus on four aspects. First, he will begin a partnership approach, building relationships with players to enhance accountability. Second, he will establish clear communication that provides constructive feedback and highlights areas for improvement. Third, he will work to build mutual trust and a sense of accountability through open dialogue. Finally, he will push players to strive for excellence and hold them to high standards.

The Bottom Line for Berube as Maple Leafs New Head Coach

Overall, fans learned from Berube’s first press conference as the Maple Leafs head coach that he promises to foster a new culture. It will be one of accountability, teamwork, and continuous improvement within the organization. By implementing these changes, Berube aims to elevate the team’s performance, enhance player development, and drive success in the playoffs.

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The post Why the Maple Leafs Won’t Need Crystal Ball with Berube appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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