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While I do not see eye to eye with every decision Brendan Shanahan has made as President of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I believe he’s achieved many commendable actions during his tenure. Unlike most people, I’m glad he retains his position within the organization. Whether or not he remains beyond the expiration of his contract next season is a matter for another day. However, there are several reasons why he’s been effective in his role as president.

First, Shanahan has successfully fostered community within the organization, honoring its players and rich history. By prioritizing recognizing past players and their contributions, he’s demonstrated a player-centric approach. In short, he thinks like a player and understands what former athletes value from the teams they once played for.

Although his strategies for achieving Stanley Cup success haven’t borne fruit – yet – Shanahan has helped the Maple Leafs become entertaining. Despite facing setbacks, the team consistently delivers an exciting product on the ice, demonstrating resilience and class in the face of adversity.

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What Has Shanahan Done Well as the Maple Leafs President?

Amidst the vociferous critiques following the recent coaching change, it’s worth considering Shanahan’s tenure as the President of the Maple Leafs. While the team’s playoff struggles have dominated the news, Shanahan’s contributions to the franchise extend beyond the on-ice performance.

Brad Treliving Brendan Shanahan Maple Leafs

Here are three reasons why Shanahan has been a good president:

Shanahan Modernized the Franchise:

Shanahan’s arrival marked a turning point for the Maple Leafs, ushering in a new era of professionalism and modernization. He repaired fractured relationships within the organization, particularly with former players like Dave Keon, whose contributions had been overlooked for decades. By embracing the team’s rich history and honoring its alumni, Shanahan helped foster a sense of unity and pride within the Maple Leafs community.

Implementing the Shanaplan Helped the Maple Leafs Become Contenders:

Shanahan’s strategic vision was aptly named the “Shanaplan.” It transformed the Maple Leafs from perennial underachievers to contenders. Recognizing the need for a rebuild, he prioritized the acquisition of young talent through the NHL draft, laying the groundwork for future success. Despite initial setbacks and challenging seasons, Shanahan’s patience and foresight paid off as the Maple Leafs developed into a formidable force in the league.

Shanahan’s Vision Has Built Exciting & Entertaining Hockey:

Under Shanahan’s leadership, the Maple Leafs have become a fast-paced, high-scoring team. Acquiring top-tier talents like Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and William Nylander injected excitement into the team. This group has delivered entertaining performances for fans. Shanahan’s commitment to excellence on the ice has ensured that the Maple Leafs remain competitive and captivating. Yes, there have been playoff disappointments. But the team remains fun to watch.

The Bottom Line for Shanahan As Maple Leafs President

Shanahan’s tenure as Maple Leafs President has been marked by significant achievements and contributions to the franchise’s success. Challenges remain. Yet, his leadership, vision, and dedication to building a winning team have laid a strong foundation for the Maple Leafs’ future. Shanahan’s impact will continue to shape the legacy of the Toronto Maple Leafs for years to come.

While the ultimate goal of hoisting the Stanley Cup has remained elusive thus far, there’s hope for the future. Shanahan’s leadership has instilled a sense of pride in the Maple Leafs organization. The team’s accomplishments thus far offer much to be proud of. As we look ahead, his influence will continue to shape the Maple Leafs’ journey.

There’s optimism that success is on the horizon, even if it’s yet to show its head.

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The post What Shanahan Has Done Right as Maple Leafs President appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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