The post Vincent Desharnais and His Remarkable Development with the Oilers appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

Edmonton Oilers defenseman Vincent Desharnais’ development has been nothing short of incredible. After being drafted 183rd overall in the 7th round in 2016, Desharnias made his NHL debut on January 11, 2022. Nearly seven seasons after he was drafted, his place in the lineup is seen as instrumental to the team’s success. He’s only taken bigger steps since the arrival of new assistant coach Paul Coffey

Desharnais appeared in his first NHL playoffs in 2022, and he struggled. His lack of experience showed and was costly. Luckily for the Oilers, Desharnais spent his summer practicing. Furthermore, his playmaking and thought processes on the ice became something to be admired and trusted. The hard work paid off and every time he steps onto the ice he seems to improve. He scored his very first NHL goal during the 2023 Heritage Classic, and while he’s not positioned to be an offensive juggernaut, more will come.

Vincent Desharnais Edmonton Oilers goal

Not only has Desharnais been working hard behind the scenes, but playing under Coffey has done wonders for the entire defense core. Specifically for Desharnais, a once nervous and insecure player has bloomed. As a result, the Oilers have themselves a confident, smart, and trustworthy player. Furthermore, the dedication needed to improve that much in so little time is incomprehensible. Desharnais’s development from being the 7th defenseman to being a solid top-four defenseman in 14 months is beyond admiration. 

Desharnais’ Strong Play and Positive Attitude is a Big Win for Oilers

Additionally, Desharnais is a player who is quick on his feet and possesses the ability to make strong, accurate passes. His 6’7 frame and long reach are key to his defensive plays, specifically on the penalty kill. Desharnais has played a consistently solid game since entering the league. Equally important, Desharnais improves with every game, and that quality in a player is valuable. At most times, Desharnais is seen with an ear-to-ear smile, radiating positivity and motivating others.

The iconic Vinny-Skinny-Winny high-five and hug after games has nestled itself into the hearts of every Oilers fan, becoming a staple in every Oilers win. Desharnais and his determination, resilience, and dedication should also be imprinted on all Oilers fans. While still new to the NHL, Desharnais’s determination and hard work to improve and move up the lineup six and a half years after his draft is nothing less than admirable. 

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The post Vincent Desharnais and His Remarkable Development with the Oilers appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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