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Whether you love him or hate him, we all have to admit Matt Rempe has been the talk of the town since his February call-up from the AHL. In a legendary first month in the NHL, Rempe has scrapped with numerous famed fighters including Matt Martin, Nicolas Deslauriers, Mathieu Oliver, and Ryan Reaves. Rempe has enjoyed a come-up that needs to be studied in the history books, with his follower count on Instagram rapidly increasing from ~7K to nearly 82K followers as of this writing. 

But Rempe’s latest gaffe has earned him a four-game suspension. It’s his first since being called up to play for the New York Rangers. Following a hit on New Jersey Devils’ defenseman Jonas Siegenthaler, Rempe was assessed a major penalty and game misconduct for an illegal elbow check to the head of Siegenthaler. Given the reputation he’s quickly built, fans are now beginning to wonder whether Rempe’s renowned height and grit, combined with his lack of NHL experience, make him a danger to the rest of the league. 

Matt Rempe Rangers suspension

The Rempe Hit and Elbow Was Illegal

It would be tough to argue that the hit on Siegenthaler wasn’t illegal. It’s easy to see from pretty much any angle that unmistakable elbow to the face of Siegenthaler, whose head spun cartoonishly as he collapsed to the ice. No doubt about it, this was a suspendable hit. The Department of Player Safety further elaborated on its move to suspend the young enforcer, noting “Rempe chooses to flare his elbow both up and away from his body in dangerous action, driving it directly into the head of Siegenthaler with substantial force.” Even New York Rangers fans by and large seem to agree that the hit was dangerous and needs to be disciplined.

One could argue this was exactly the kind of reckless, undisciplined hit one would expect to see from a 21-year-old enforcer. This is especially true since it’s his first ten games in the big leagues. After all, he needs to send a message early to keep his job. As such, some even say a full four-game suspension is a bit steep for a player with no previous history of NHL discipline. However, since this amounts to Rempe’s second NHL game ejection and his 9th fighting major this season, some fans are wondering whether the suspension will truly lead to a change in Rempe’s on-ice behavior.

Matt Rempe Rangers suspension NHL

He also appeared to further fan the rivalry flames following the hit when he ignored Travis MacDermid’s attempts to scrap. Instead, he taunted MacDermid with a wave as he was escorted off the ice. This caused a huge cheer from New York fans, but in the context of the illegal hit, it also reveals a potential attitude problem on Rempe’s part. 

Rempe Needs to Learn a Lesson From This Suspension

Rempe will miss the next four games. He’ll also forfeit $17,083.32 for the games he’ll miss. If this isn’t enough motivation, Rempe will likely also receive a stern talking-to from head coach Peter Laviolette. With any luck, this suspension could become a teachable moment for the young gun. Hopefully, it will drive home its intended message: that for the safety of all players on the ice, Rempe needs to learn how to properly utilize his size and strength.

Standing tall at 6’7, Rempe appears to have struggled to deliver hits properly when there is a significant height difference between him and his intended target. If he hopes to continue his success in the NHL, Rempe will need to learn to throw the body with much more control, precision, and discipline.

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The post Rempe Controversy: Is a Four-Game Suspension Enough? appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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