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The Evander Kane, Ryan McLeod, and Corey Perry line for the Edmonton Oilers is looking like it could be a force for the team. Unfortunately, it also looks like there might be trouble brewing between Perry and Kane. If they can put their issues aside, that line’s success is coming at just the right time as the team has seven games remaining in the regular season and clinched a playoff spot with their 6-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche on Friday. If the friction is more than just a single play where two competitive guys had a heated conversation, Edmonton may lose the effectiveness of a potent trio.

McLeod’s speed, Perry’s veteran savvy, and Kane’s physicality and scoring ability are the perfect blend on paper. Kane finally experiencing a breakthrough from his goal-scoring drought is only a sign things are looking up. But, these three need to stay on the same page.

The Perry, Kane, and McLeod Mix Works for Oilers

Perry has brought to the Oilers’ lineup a missing ingredient the team sorely needed. He’s not afraid to mix it up, get under the skin of the opposition, and he’ll play any role on any line, producing when put on the ice in that role. Kane, struggling with puck possession and making costly turnovers, managed to relieve some of the pressure on his shoulders by scoring two crucial goals, ending a 22-game scoring drought. His second goal marked his 23rd of the season. He said after the game there’s no better place to play than Edmonton and the fact he’s feeling positive again about his game is big news. By Saturday, however, he was at odds with another linemate. Again…

“Just try to build on it from here.”

Evander Kane on scoring twice in this evening’s win. @Enterprise | #LetsGoOilers

— Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) April 6, 2024

McLeod in between these two offers youth and speed to keep defenses on their toes. He’s also likely to go as the wind blows. If Kane and Perry are cooking, McLeod will likely cook too. If Kane and Perry are bickering, McLeod may be the passenger who is affected more than any other player on the Oilers roster.

Kane Might Be the Key Playoff Factor on That Line

Kane’s performance underscores the potential of the line to be game-changers in the playoffs. Despite his struggles, Kane’s resilience through the biggest on-ice struggle of his career bodes well for the Oilers. He’s been in hot water with his teammates before and always seemed to bounce back. That said, he needs to start eliminating the frustrating plays from his game that irk guys like Perry and Leon Draisaitl.

Corey Perry Ryan McLeod Evander Kane Oilers

Head coach Knoblauch said Perry and Kane have worked out their in-game issue. Edmonton having a few days off between their win over Calgary on Saturday and a game against the Vegas Golden Knights on Wednesday probably helps.

As the Oilers push forward in their playoff aspirations, Kane’s resurgence and the collective efforts of the Kane-McLeod-Perry line are vital components in their quest for success on the ice.

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The post Oilers’ Secret Playoff Weapon: Perry, Kane, and McLeod’s Cohesion appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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