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An odd conversation surrounds Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl as the German star elevates his game in the playoffs and cements his chances as a Conn Smythe candidate if the team can make it past the Vancouver Canucks and go on to the Stanley Cup. It involves his future contract negotiations and teams that might have an interest in his services should he shake loose from the Oilers.

While there’s been no indication that Draisaitl even wants to leave Edmonton — and he’s certainly not thinking about that mid-playoff push — it makes sense that teams who aren’t in the current playoff picture might be wondering what happens to rosters that don’t go as far as expectations would have suggested. The Oilers are certainly in that mix because a series loss to the Canucks would be considered a huge disappointment on the season. It might even force Draisaitl to wonder if his future aspirations of winning a Cup are better elsewhere as he approaches unrestricted free agency.

Leon Draisaitl 2024 NHL Playoffs

This is where the San Jose Sharks come in. A team that will want to add to its roster and has lots of money to spend, they could be bigger players in free agency. Few names are bigger than Draisaitl.

The Sharks and Draisaitl Being Linked by Their Connection to Germany

“Do you think Draisaitl would go to San Jose because their owner is German?” ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski asked on “The Jeff Marek Show”. “Have you ever heard that?” Interestingly, and perhaps unexpectedly, Marek responded, “That’s kind of been whispered for a while.”

The reasons are several, according to Wyshynski. He noted that Draisailt could be interested in the San Jose Sharks because of their German owner Hasso Plattner. He also notes, “Emerging market, great young players. They will obviously compensate him.” Marek seemed to agree, adding, “People have speculated on that now for at least a year, maybe longer.”

Would Draisaitl Ditch the Oilers For the Last-Place Sharks?

Peng writes that this is only speculation and it should probably be taken with a grain of salt. No doubt, Draisaitl will consider his options when it comes time to renegotiate his contract. That said, the Oilers aren’t likely to lose out to a higher bidder. They’re also able to offer several things another team cannot. First, the chance to keep playing with Connor McDavid. Second, repeated shots at the Stanley Cup. Third, an eighth year on any new contract. The Sharks, at best, can offer seven.

It is expected that San Jose will draft Macklin Celebrini, so there will be a draw for free agents to play with a solid young talent in a warm climate like San Jose. The Sharks are miles away from contending though. If Draisaitl’s true motivation is to win a Cup in short order, San Jose is likely not where he’ll be looking.

And, while the Germany connection isn’t irrelevant, it’s likely not much of a factor in his decision.

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The post Odd Rumor Links Leon Draisaitl to Sharks If Oilers Fall Out of Playoffs appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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