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In a recent article by Eric Francis of Sportsnet, he cites former Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanfin who said, “I was never holding the Flames hostage.” This was in response to nasty rumors that Hanifin had made it extremely difficult for the Flames to sign him or trade him and get the best return at this season’s NHL Trade Deadline.

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Responding to speculation that he was using too much leverage and dictating how the deadline would go for the Flames when it came to trying to get a solid return for someone who wasn’t going to stay, Hanfin added that hearing he was making things difficult for the Flames organization “was one of the more difficult things to hear towards the end because I personally felt I was never doing that. Talking to Connie (Flames GM Craig Conroy) I don’t think either side felt that.”

Hanifin Vegas Golden Knights trade

Acknowledging an eight-team no-trade list, Hanifin explained the limitations of his leverage in the trade negotiations. Calgary could have traded him to one of 24 other teams, but he felt it was fair to provide Calgary with a list of preferred teams. On that list, he emphasized his desire to play on the east coast and closer to his home. He noted, that if that didn’t work out for Calgary, he understood that business is business.

Hanifin Wants to Be Closer to His Family

But, when news of that list was made public, Hanifin was painted as someone who was being difficult. His desire to tell the Flames had some preferred destinations was perceived negatively. But, Hanifin noted, that it’s not like most players don’t have a preferred list. He added that it’s common knowledge not every player will sign just anywhere. For him, it was about being closer to home and wanting to raise his family closer to his immediate relatives.

Admittedly, Hanifin did tell the Flames about his long-term plans and that they weren’t a part of them. He expressed a desire to raise his family closer to home, a factor influencing his decision not to sign with Calgary for an extended period. That wasn’t personal towards the Flames and there are plenty of other teams he would have felt the same way about.

After Deadline Rumor, Hanifin Isn’t Expecting a Warm Response from Flames Fans

The Golden Knights will be playing the Flames on Thursday night. Hanifin notes, “I’m sure there are certain people who were upset reading that I was screwing over the team. I never felt I was, or that it was real, but some of them may boo, like they have for other players who left town.”

Whether they cheer or boo, Hanifin was fond of his time in Calgary. He noted, “But there are lots of others who I had relationships with who will support me. I loved my time in Calgary and made so many friends. Great city. Great memories.”

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The post Noah Hanifin Sets Record Straight on Nasty Trade Deadline Rumor appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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