The ballots will be out soon for the 2021-22 NHL Awards, which means it’s time to start locking in some bets.

As a Professional Hockey Writers Association voting member, I do not personally wager on the NHL Awards. I have a monthly platform in our NHL Awards Watch that chronicles how the voters are thinking about each award and also features my own analysis on the awards. I’ve seen that analysis help shape opinions of other voters before, so betting on the awards feels a little too like “insider trading” for me.

But for you? There’s money to be made in the awards voting, if you can tell where the wind is blowing.

Let’s get something out of the way: Don’t waste your money on the Vezina Trophy voting. Igor Shesterkin of the New York Rangers is -1000 to win the award. He has over 70% of the handle. He’s going to win in a walk.

Now, on to the other more contentious awards …

Hart Trophy