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Craig Berube’s appointment as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs is expected to bring significant changes to the team’s dynamics. Known for being firm but fair, Berube is expected to set clear expectations for all players, fostering a disciplined and motivated environment. Here’s a look at what Berube’s coaching style might mean for some of the team’s Core 5 and the new expectations they might face.

Auston Matthews

Under Berube, Auston Matthews will be expected to elevate his game both on and off the ice. Berube’s emphasis on accountability and a well-rounded game could push Matthews to improve his defensive responsibilities while continuing to lead the team offensively. Matthews, already a prominent leader, might be tasked with taking on an even more significant leadership role, setting an example for his teammates.

Craig Berube will have to work with Auston Matthews to get Maple Leafs over their hurdles

Key Question: Can Matthews rise to the challenge and become the ultimate two-way player while leading the Leafs to new heights? This might be the kind of responsibility Matthews needs. Can Berube push the right buttons at the right time?

Mitch Marner

For Mitch Marner, Berube’s demand for consistent effort and high standards will be a new expectation. Marner will need to maintain a high level of play throughout the season and into the playoffs. Berube values both offensive creativity and defensive diligence, which means Marner’s playmaking abilities must be balanced with solid defensive contributions. Additionally, Marner will likely be expected to play a critical role in special teams, leveraging his agility and hockey sense.

Key Question: Will Marner thrive under Berube’s balanced approach and elevate his game in all aspects? Will he be able to hold up under the pressure of accountability?

John Tavares

John Tavares, as the captain, will face heightened expectations in aligning the team’s mindset with Berube’s vision. Tavares will be expected to foster a more resilient team culture, complementing Berube’s firm approach. Positional play and situational awareness will be crucial, with Tavares needing to lead by example in high-pressure situations. His effectiveness in guiding the team through critical moments will be under scrutiny.

Key Question: Can Tavares enhance his leadership and positional play to drive the Leafs to success? He may be the go-between in several situations and Berube may rely on Tavares to enforce his messaging. “As players, it’s on us to do a better job. With Craig coming in, he’s going to help us with that. I’m excited to work with him. He’s got a tremendous pedigree.,” Tavares said.

William Nylander

William Nylander will need to adapt to Berube’s straightforward and demanding coaching style, which will likely emphasize consistent performance and accountability. Nylander will be expected to improve not just offensively but also defensively, becoming a more complete player. Berube’s approach could push Nylander to reach new heights in his play.

William Nylander Mitch Marner laughing Maple Leafs

Key Question: Will Nylander respond to the increased accountability and develop into a more consistent and well-rounded player? It has long been said that Nylander can drive you crazy in one moment and be the best player on the team in another. Will he find more consistency under Berube?

Morgan Rielly

As the top defenseman, Morgan Rielly will face expectations of heightened defensive responsibilities and overall team defense under Berube’s leadership. Rielly will need to help solidify the Leafs’ back end and take on an enhanced leadership role, guiding younger defensemen and improving defensive cohesion. Berube’s track record with defensemen suggests that Rielly could develop into an even stronger leader on the blue line.

Key Question: Can Rielly step up his defensive game and leadership to anchor the Leafs’ defense effectively? There is talk that the Leafs will prioritize getting Jake McCabe to play a bigger role this year. Will Rielly and McCabe be the two blueliners Berube builds his defense around?

Overall Core 5 Impact of Berube Hire for Maple Leafs

Berube’s arrival is expected to bring a cultural shift towards greater accountability and professionalism, setting clear expectations for all players. His experience in turning teams around quickly could be most impactful during the playoffs, where discipline and effort are crucial.

The core players will need to quickly adapt to Berube’s system, improving team cohesion and performance. Players who thrive under pressure and accountability, like Matthews and Marner, could see their roles expand and their performances peak.

As the Maple Leafs adapt to their new coach, there are speculations about potential additions to Berube’s coaching staff, including names like Mike Van Ryn and Marc Savard, though these have yet to be confirmed.

Key Question: How will each of the Core 5 respond to Berube’s expectations and elevate their game in the upcoming season?

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The post How Could Life Change for the Maple Leafs Core 5 After Berube? appeared first on NHL Trade Talk.

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