Hosts Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan bring their hockey expertise and passion for the sport, discussing the latest news around the league as well as interviewing the biggest names both on and off the ice.

Longtime SportsCenter anchor Linda Cohn was the goalie on her high school boy’s team and has kept that love of hockey throughout her life. She is a host of “In the Crease” on ESPN+ as well. Emily Kaplan joined ESPN in 2017 covering the NHL and is known for her in-depth stories on athletes.

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Quit with the outdated takes!

Linda and Emily sit down with longtime Anaheim Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf to talk about his recently announced retirement. They also get into some controversial comments, which teams they have their eyes on as we approach the playoffs, and ESPN’s Brian Boucher joins us for our 5-minute major to talk “sleeper breakout stars of the playoffs.”

The Atlantic Division is wild!

Linda and Emily sit down with one of the most recent additions to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colin Blackwell, who talks about his excitement for the playoffs, playing in Boston wearing a Leafs jersey, and more! Then, ESPN’s Kevin Weekes joins us for our 5-minute major to talk top five Goalies in the league.

Inside the Wild’s epic run

Linda and Emily sit down with Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin to talk about the success he saw during the trade deadline, especially adding Marc-Andre Fleury. Then, they’re joined by Ryan Callahan for our 5-minute major and trust us, you won’t want to miss what advice he has for the captains of the league.

Trade deadline buzz

Linda and Emily start off the show with all the latest news and notes surrounding the NHL trade deadline which is quickly approaching. After that, they are joined by Tampa Bay captain Steven Stamkos to talk about his career, creating a dynasty, and more! Then, ESPN’s Dominic Moore joins us for our 5-minute major segment.

Chatting with a couple of Cup contenders

Linda and Emily have a PACKED show that includes: an interview with Avalanche’s Nazem Kadri, a discussion on hockey in the past versus the present with ESPN’s Bob Wischusen, a new segment featuring a behind-the-scenes story from between the benches, and lastly but certainly not least a sit down with Vegas’ Jack Eichel ahead of his return to Buffalo.

Trades incoming?

Linda and Emily talk about the NHL experiencing tough times, the trade deadline and what they hope to see, and a new segment with special guest ESPN’s John Buccigross.

There’s no place like southern Florida!

Emily and Linda start off with a recap of Linda’s time between the benches in Seattle and how this is the time when teams are looking to make some big moves. After that, they’re joined by star defensemen for the Florida Panthers, Aaron Ekblad, who talks about changes within the team, how laughing with your teammates is so important, who he’s learned from within the league, and more!

The greatest day of hockey

Linda and Emily dive right into the latest on Jack Eichel making his Vegas debut. After that they get into the Oilers, a new arena in Arizona, and more!

Just a couple of hockey guys

Linda and Emily start off this week’s episode with the latest news of the Canadiens’ new head coach. After that, a full recap of NHL All-Star Weekend with all the behind the scenes stories and highlights. Then, Linda wraps up with a story you can’t miss!

All-Star hype!

Linda and Emily start off with the latest news that Alex Ovechkin will miss this weekend’s All Star Game. After that, they are joined by Patrick Burke, VP of Play Safety, to discuss everything and anything you need to know heading into All Star Weekend!

Death, taxes and the Rangers sparking late season hope

Linda starts off the show with a story of how she almost got hit in the head with a puck while covering a game. After that, they get into a discussion on goalies switching teams and the adjustment period before getting into the Washington Capitals. Then, Carolina Hurricanes center Vincent Trocheck joins the show to talk everything from settling into a new team to which cities around the league have the best Italian food.

Finding your NHL home is important

Linda and Emily open up this episode talking about which teams across the league are powerhouses. After that, they sit down with Boston Bruins wing Taylor Hall to talk about everything from settling into a new city to what he would like to see the league do differently.

Leading with passion, and not accepting “no”

Emily and Linda sit down with Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson about growing the game of hockey, how the NHL can do more on that front, the 2022 Olympic games, and more.

People will always criticize

Linda and Emily are back together talking Marc-Andre Fleury‘s landing spot, Evander Kane‘s contract termination, a big announcement coming Thursday from the NHL, and more!

Nothing is set in stone

Linda and Emily start off with a New Year’s weekend recap — including the Winter Classic — that then turns into where else they would like to see a Winter Classic take place. After that they get into the Flyers, the Oilers, the Blackhawks and the Avalanche, and how nothing is solidified when it comes to the playoffs.

The most overlooked team in 2021 is…

Linda and Emily look back on what’s happened during the 2021 portion of the 2021-22 season before looking ahead to what they hope to see heading into the new year with new COVID-19 protocols. Linda also mentions who she believes is the most overlooked team in 2021 … and you’ll be surprised who it is!

Going with the flow

Linda and Emily get into the latest from the CDC and the NHL regarding COVID protocols. They also bring up what some players are thinking of suggesting as far as having a tournament take place in the near future given the fact that the NHL players are unable to participate in the 2022 Olympic Games.

Difficult Olympic decisions

Linda and Emily open the show with an update on COVID, and not only the NHL regular season but the Olympics as well. After that, they are joined by New York Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba who comments on COVID, how his season is going, and what he predicts going forward.

Tampa Bay Lightning, Tom Brady, and Taylor Swift: The Trifecta

Linda and Emily give an update on the COVID outbreak situation before giving shoutouts to a few teams in particular: one of those teams being the Tampa Bay Lightning. After that, they get into why you should be watching Alex Ovechkin before discussing the underrated Nashville Predators.

The Olympic concern

Linda and Emily discuss the upcoming Olympics as more NHL players voice their concern for the COVID protocols. Then, Emily shares her insight from between the benches of last week’s Capitals-Penguins game before giving us an injury update.

And the goal of the year goes to …

Emily and Linda get into Friday night’s ESPN+ matchup between the Penguins and the Capitals before welcoming Trevor Zegras and Sonny Milano from the Ducks to talk about their outstanding goal. After that, they discuss the Rangers and if they’re actually as good as we think they are before ending with the Coyotes situation.

Who will be fired next?

Linda and Emily dive into the recent firings with the Flyers and the Canucks, including what impact this has on both teams and how they can benefit from broadening their candidate pool. After that, they get into how Vegas’ Robin Lehner has pulled out of the Olympics. Lastly, Emily wraps up with some exclusive news on the Arizona Coyotes.

Fights, suspensions, and more holiday hockey

Linda and Emily cover all of the league’s latest and greatest news coming off of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Consistency is key

Linda and Emily start off this week’s Thanksgiving episode with a look around the league including Dallas Stars forward Jason Robertson‘s take on Brussels sprouts. After that, they highlight some of the games they’re looking forward to over Thanksgiving weekend before Emily tells us about her day with Jack Hughes and Ty Smith. The ladies wrap up with a discussion on favorite Thanksgiving dishes!

Something’s gotta give!

Linda and Emily go around the league pointing out who we’re disappointed with, included but not limited to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Vancouver Canucks. After that they get into their game of the week before highlighting the New York Islanders‘ first home game in their new arena. Lastly, Linda leaves us with a few comments that might upset a few Seattle fans!

We’re kind of fair … sometimes

Linda and Emily dive right into the latest NHL news of postponing games due to COVID, and what this means for the league. After that they get into why Linda now feels silly about Seattle, how Leon Draisaitl deserves more recognition, and St. Louis Blues defenseman Colton Parayko joins the show to share his story about what led to the start of his new foundation.

What will happen in Beijing?

Linda and Emily do a deeper dive into a few teams around the league after Emily shares a special project. Then, they get into COVID protocols and how that is impacting certain games and players, which leads to the bigger question: what will happen with the Olympics? Lastly, Emily tells us the latest with Anaheim Ducks’ GM Bob Murray resigning.

Now what?

Emily starts off with a few updates from Chicago including a coaching change and a few uncertain players. Then, Linda dives into recent comments made about Gary Bettman and where we are in the sexual abuse investigation regarding Brad Aldrich. After that, the ladies dive into a few more stories from around the league and give you their game of the week.

Fudged to the limit

Emily and Linda start off with a recap of where Jack Eichel is now calling home in Vegas. After that, Linda shares her perspective from in between the benches at the Ducks vs. Devils game. Emily wraps up with something she’s been saving for the podcast ears only: a follow up to the Kyle Beach conversation.

Exposing the hypocrisy

Linda and Emily start off with the latest in the Kyle Beach and Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault investigation and why the hypocrisy is coming to light. After that, they get into some other news and notes around the league regarding some of the league’s top Stanley Cup contenders, before getting into their “game of the week.”

A developing story with a powerful message

Linda and Emily start off today’s episode with a deep dive into a developing story out of Chicago regarding former Blackhawks player Kyle Beach, who is at the center of a sexual assault investigation. After that, they are joined by AJ Galante, former Danbury Trashers team owner, who has some interesting ties to the NHL and entertaining stories about his time in hockey.

A peak behind the NHL curtain

Linda and Emily start off this episode with a few behind the scenes stories from their time in Seattle, including a very special shoutout from WNBA’s Sue Bird. Then, they preview their “game of the week” before sharing some news and notes around the league from some of the teams who need some fixing.

Facing adversity … and booing crowds

Linda and Emily give their insights and opinions on how the season has started. With that being said, they address fans booing, players getting injured, and schedules getting tougher. After that, it’s story time: Linda gives her favorite hockey moment and the ladies give you plenty of reasons to tune into this weekend’s games (especially the Kraken home opener where they are both going to be in Seattle)!

Breaking news and betting hockey

Linda and Emily start off with breaking news surrounding Evander Kane. Then, Linda recaps her first time reporting from between the benches. Later on, they’re joined by ESPN senior NHL writer Greg Wyshynski, who talks about betting on hockey and why it’s so difficult.

The first game hype is real

Linda and Emily dive into their experiences on opening night, what they’re most looking forward to as teams play their first games, and Emily even teaches us a new language…

The NHL season is here!

Linda and Emily are joined by ESPN’s Kevin Weekes to preview opening night, and give fans everything they need to know heading into this season.

It’s okay to NOT be okay

Linda and Kaplan start today’s episode with the latest news surrounding mental health with NHL goalie Carey Price taking a leave of absence from the Montreal Canadiens. After that, former NHL goalie Corey Hirsch joins the show to share an important message to players and coaches around the league dealing with mental health issues. Later on, Emily and Linda give an update on Robin Lehner and Jack Eichel, take a deep dive into the Metro Division, and more!

Twitter rants and frustrated players

Linda and Emily start off this episode with some of the latest news around the league, including Robin Lehner‘s tweets and Jack Eichel‘s situation. After that, they dive into the Atlantic division with their thoughts on who will emerge as the top contenders, and who will struggle to make it through the regular season.

We’re changing the game

Linda and Emily start off this episode with a discussion on how the NHL is evolving and showing more personality. But trust us, there’s more room to grow. After that, they give you their expert opinions on every team in the Pacific division.

Back to “normalcy”

Linda and Emily are happy we’re back to a “normal” NHL season as they dive into their thoughts on each team in the Central Division. Then, the ladies give you their preseason predictions on who out of the Central Division will make it to the playoffs. After that, we hear what Anaheim Ducks goalie John Gibson did this offseason and we promise you … it’s not what you’re expecting!

Accepting change and seeking help

Welcome back to the In the Crease Podcast with Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan! We start off today’s episode with news from Buffalo regarding their now former captain Jack Eichel. Then, Linda shares an update on Evander Kane before Emily starts a discussion on vaccinated NHL players. After that, we hear from the L.A. Kings’ Drew Doughty, who shares his experience with therapy, eating junk food on off days, how team bonding has changed over the years, and more!

Find the positive because haters are gonna hate!

Welcome to the debut episode of In The Crease! Hosts Linda Cohn and Emily Kaplan start off their first episode with all the news and major storylines hockey fans need to know heading into the 2021-2022 season. Linda even breaks some news regarding an ongoing story out of Minnesota. After that, Tampa Bay’s Steven Stamkos shares stories of his second time winning the Stanley Cup, he elaborates on his friendship with NFL’s Tom Brady, and more!